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Track/Gate Information

Open Practice

(during race season)
4:00pm till dark.
$10.00 Pits 
Grandstand Free 

Track Rental
$100.00 per 2 hour session
(Call for appointment)

Gate Information
Saturday Times
Pits 3:00p.m.
Hotlaps 4:00pm
Front Gate 4:00pm
Time Trials 5:30 p.m.
Racing 7:00 p.m.
(unless specified different
on schedule page)


General Admission 

Adults        $12.00

Seniors      $10.00 
Kids 6-12    $ 5.00

Under 6      FREE


Pit Admission 

13 and older  $30.00

**Check schedule for

special event pricing** 

2015 Track Champions


KENNY SHARP - Modifieds

JERRY KARL - Sportsman


MIKE WHITE - Street Stocks


RICH CLEMM- Hobby Stocks


2016 Rules

2016 Street Stock Division Rules | 2016 Modified Division Rules | 2016 Hangover Race Rules | 2016 Cavalcade Rules | 2016 Front Wheel Drive (Hobby Stock) | 2016 Sportsman Rules | Power Wheel Demo Derby | 2016 Chain Race Rules
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The following specifications have been prepared by the Sandusky Speedway officials for the construction of Sandusky Speedway Street Stock cars.  No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with rules.  They are intended as a guide and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others.   No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved.  Anything not covered by these guidelines should be approved and be placed in writing.  Tech Inspector will have the final decision.

 NOTICE: These rules have been developed for the fun of racing in a low cost fashion.  This requires limits in various areas to keep competition equal and fair for all participants.  In order to accomplish this if it doesn’t say you can – DON’T.  With the help and consideration of the participants, this can be accomplished.  Try to live within the spirit of the rules.  If you have questions, please contact track officials before you are found illegal for competition.


Any car deemed to be unsafe by track officials will not be allowed to compete.


1)    Car Body and Frame


a)  American passenger car with 108-inch wheel base minimum (with a 1” tolerance), full frame or uni-body and must be left stock. Camaros. Firebirds and no Nova rear leaf springs will not be eligible to run.


b)    Due to shortage of used cars, you can use aftermarket firewall and floor pan.  this means only 20GA.  steel is to be used in the construction of the firewall and floor pan.  the drivers compartment may also be boxed in with the 20GA. STEEL ONLY


c)    No jeeps, trucks, station wagons, convertibles, vans, four wheel drive cars, or front wheel drive cars,


d)      All doors must be welded.


e)      Front cross member must remain stock and in stock location.  No modifications permitted.


f)        Frames must be stock as from the factory for year/make/model car being used, from front bumper to 4”


behind rear tires with optional tubing replacing remainder of frame to rear bumper.  Mainframe rails may be X for support, and rusted portions may be plated.  Frame cannot be altered for fuel pump clearance. 


NO OTHER MODIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER!  Frame height minimum 6” should be measured from the ground to the bottom of the entire mainframe rail.  NO TOLERANCE!  Note; Unibody frame cars must be factory for year/make/model car being used in front and back with one exception.  Front and rear frame sections may be tied together with tubing.


g)      Frame may be notched for bigger radiator.


h)       Minimum roof height is 50”.  may use 5 star roof


2.   Appearance


a)     All cars must be factory stock or 5 star steel bodies.  No interchange of sheet                  metal.


b)       All cars must be neat in appearance, neatly lettered, and look like a racecar.


c)        Badly wrecked cars must be fixed.


d)       After market nosepiece and tail are allowed.


e)        No spoilers.


     f)        Fiberglass, aluminum or stock hoods.  MUST LOOK STOCK.


3. Windshields and Glass


a)      All side and rear glass removed.


b)      Stock windshield with straps or approved lexan.


c)      All plastic or glass lenses front and rear must be removed.


d)     Rear windows permitted


e)      No vent windows


f)        No window deflectors


g)      Must have approved window opening for safety. Quarter window is allowed.


 4.    Hoods and Trunks


a)      Hoods and trunks may be gutted.  Hood MUST  have a handle to assist for opening.


b)      4-6 pins must be installed.  (See Tech Inspector.)


c)      Cars must have all holes in firewall filled front and rear.


 5)   Bumpers and Grill


a)      You may place two chains between bumper and frame to hold bumper on.


b)      No Camaro or aluminum bumpers (only if covered).


c)      All cars must have tow chain front and rear securely fastened.


 6.      Interior


a)      All upholstery fabric must be removed


b)      Racing seat required.  Seat must be mounted with no less than 4 bolts of 5/16-inch diameter (or larger) and grade 8 material.  Must have 1' washers &  two bolts must securely fasten seat to the seat support bar near the shoulders.  See figure 1.


c)   Can use 20 gauge steel to box in driver compartment. 1/2 way up door


 7.      Suspension


a)      Front and rear upper and lower control arms must be stock to car and in stock location.  After market bushings may be used.  NO modifications to upper or lower control arms or mounting points.  Tubilur upper must run UBM 14-0809-5 right side/UBM 14-0829-6 left side, must have part number on A-frame. Speedway Motors lower A-frame part # 910-34290 will be allowed.


b)      After market spring may be used.  Must be in stock location.  Load bolts in rear, front adjustable shims in front optional. 


c)      No rubbers are allowed. 


d)      Stock sway bars must be used to make of car and mounted in stock location.  Stock OEM steering box only.  Stock OEM tie rods only and center link must be OEM stock to car.


e)        Stock four wheel-working brakes.  Must stop wheel.  No bias valves. No adjusters. Duel master cylinders allowed.  Two-piece stock appearing rotors allowed.  NO oversized or undersized rotors.  5 on 5 bolt pattern may be used.  Metric cars must run metric spindles & rotors.  No bias gauges.  Proportioning valve may be used for back brakes only, if using single master cylinder and must be outside driver compartment.  Can only be adjusted front to rear in non racing competition, other than that must be out of the driver compartment during racing.


f)      No rear disc brakes.  No double piston calipers, NO aluminum calipers, NO undersized or oversized calipers to be used at all.


g)      Shocks must be mounted in stock to car location.  NO spacers may be used anywhere.  NO heim or monotube shocks


h)        Shocks must be steel and not adjustable.   


i)     Stock to car OEM spindles and rotors.  Metric on metric, GM on GM, Ford on Ford and so on. NO drop spindles allowed. Day Motor Sports spindles part # sp-8898-R and sp8898-L allowed


      j)        Track width, small metric 76 max, full size 77 max.


8.      Weight


a)      Minimum weight 3300 lbs. with driver in the car.  Added weight must be welded or bolted to car. A 305 Block 40 should have a minimum weight of 2880.  (9.3 lbs. per cu. in.)


b)      Maximum 55% left side weight with driver.


c)      Minimum 51% front weight with driver.


d)      All ballast weight must be mounted to frame or floorboards.  No weight on any control arm or axle.  No weight under frame rails between axles.  Weight behind wheels may not be below line of axle. Weight must be painted white and numbered.


 9.      Engines


a)      Centerline of engine must be of equal distance from left and right frame rails.  No 18 degree motors or heads


b)      Engine must be US factory production, cast iron block, heads, intake, exhaust.  7 quart max oil pan, must fit chassis NO notching of frame.  No modifications allowed.  No vortex heads or angle plug heads.  World Product Head # 4266A and RHS head #12317 will be permitted out of box – no modifications made. Guide plates and stud girdles are allowed.

Modification of rule 9b dated 03/13/2012: RHS Heads are not readily available and we have been told that they are on backorder. No one has a firm date on when they will be available. We will modify the rule and permit a Dart Iron Eagle Head - bare casting part number SKU-10120010......assembled head part number SKU-10121112. This will be in addition to previously approved RHS Heads part number 12317-01.


c)      Flat top pistons only.  May not be above deck height.


d)     OEM Two-barrel cast iron intake manifold only, NO modifications.  NO 3” manifolds.  No exhaust spacers.  Center dumps not to exceed 2 ½”. Hydraulic camshaft and hydraulic lifters only.  Stock lifter bores.  No roller cams.  No roller lifters. . Roller rockers are allowed can go as high as 7/16 studs. No high rise 2 bl intakes.  No shaft type roller rocker systems.


e)      Engine sizes: GM engines 350 C.I. plus .060 maximum over bore (NO 400 block).  Ford engines 351 C.I. plus .060 maximum over bore.  Mopar engines 360 C.I. plus .060 maximum over bore.  No strocker motors, stock stroke only.  Steel crankshafts NOT to be UNDER 48 lbs.


f)        Exhaust pipes not to exceed 2 ½” OD and must exit behind driver.  No 2 into 1 mufflers.


g)      Must meet 98 decibel limit


h)      Engine must be in stock location for that year and model car.  No notching frame for fuel pump 


10.  Carburetor


a)      Stock production two-barrel intake only.  NO AIR FUEL MIXTURE GAUGES AT ALL.


b)   Cold air boxes may NOT protrude through the hood.


c)      Must have two springs to return throttle.


d)      Holley #4412 ONLY (NO Rochester) with 1 inch placer plate ONLY, out of box, NO modifications what so ever to stock metering block for 4412 only, can only remove choke plates


e)      Carburetors must pass gauge test – top and bottom.  NO modifications to venturists must have ram air horn on carb.


 11.  Battery Alternator and Ignition


a)      Battery may remain secured in engine compartment.  If moved to drivers compartment, must be mounted inside plastic marine box secured by two metal straps.  May not be mounted in trunk.


b)   No after market distributors unless stock appearing.  No dual point distributors.  No spark boxes.  No magnetos.  NO modules with adjustable rev limiter with traction control with tack lead-any found will be d.q.  ONLY 3 wires coming out of distributor to cap NO 4 wires allowed and only 2 wires coming out of cap power and tack.


c.)   Alternator optional.


 12) Radiator


a)      Must be in good condition and have a minimum 1-gallon overflow can.


b)      Must have fan shroud at least upper 180 degrees.


c)      Electric fans may be used.


d)      NO ANTI FREEZE. IF FOUND WILL BE FINED $50.00. This will be enforced!


 13.   Transmission and Drive Line


a)      Transmission must be approved OEM Automatic with original bell housing and functional torque converter.  Metal blanket recommended or 3 or 4 speed manual Saginaw only, with all working gears.  Steele blow proof bell housing only. No aluminum.  No after market trans or  exotic units.  NO aluminum trans


b)      No locking of converter.  Single disc clutch no smaller than 10.5 inches.  No triple disc.  Steel fly wheel only, no aluminum no modifications.


c)      Locked rear ends are mandatory.  Mini-spool or welded only, NO lockers or Gold Tracks.  NO cambering of rear end at all.


d)      Drive shaft hoops front and rear must be installed.


e)      Ford 9 inch rear end allowed.  MUST use stock location upper & lower control arms, NO cutting of any trailing arms. Trailing arms can be aftermarket but must be stock length from bolt hole to bolt hole and non adjustable. No traction control devices of any kind, IF FOUND USED WILL BE DQ AND LOSE ALL POINTS FOR THE YEAR.  No off set of rear end housing.


f.)     No fiberglass or aluminum drive shafts – all steel !!


g.)    5 degree pinion angle max. NO exceptions.


14.   Tires and Wheels


a)      Maximum 8-inch steel wheel of same diameter.


b)      The only acceptable tire is the Hoosier Commanche.  Not to exceed 27.5 x 8 x 15.


c)      Wheels must fit within wheel wells.


d)      No air bleeder valves in wheels.


       e)     Track width, small metric 76, full size 77


       f)   You must put baby powder in all race tires. top 3 in feature official will pick 1 or 2 for you to break down to check for powder.  this prevents soaking of tires


15.   Gas Tank


a)      Fuel cells mandatory. Fuel cell must be mounted in trunk and secured to frame by at least 2- 1” steel straps no lowers than center section of rear end.


b)      Racing fuel may be used.  No alcohol.  No additives.


 16.    Safety Items




b)               Roll cage


1)         Minimum four-post cage with 1-3/4 inch by .095 inch wall thickness may pass through firewall.  Diagonal side-to-side bracing.  See figure 2.       


2)         Front and rear hoops may be used.


3)         Must have steel support bar behind driver. 


4)         Extra brace bars recommended behind driver.  May pass through firewall.


5)         Must have a 1/8-inch steel plate between door skin and sidebars.


6)         Minimum of 3-drive side door bars, one bar in passenger side.


7)         Gas tank protection bar mandatory.


c)    Competition shoulder harness and seat belts must be installed to technical inspectors approval.  Seat belts  - less than 3 years old - and shoulder harnesses of the 5-point variety must be used and should be bolted to the roll cage structure.  If bolted to the floor of the car use original set belt-mounting plates.   Upper end of the should harness must be securely fastened to metal supports at a point no higher than the drivers shoulders.  See figure 1 for information on installation of the seat belt.


d)   The following safety equipment is mandatory: fire suit, full coverage helmet.  SA 2005 Snell helmet and fire retardant gloves.  Fireproof shoes are strongly recommended.


e)   Open face helmet must wear goggles.


f)    Dry chemical fire extinguisher 2-1/2 lb. minimum in working order must be mounted within easy reach of driver


g)   Drivers side window net mandatory, must be mounted to cage not to body panels.


h.)   Also, any driver that has to be transported will have their car impounded for safety precautions.       


 17.    Misc.


a)      All cars must have contrasting color, 2-foot square area on both sides and roof for assigned number.  Roof number to face right side.


b)      Must have 4-inch car number (digits) in top center of windshield.


c)      Any items not covered should be checked with technical inspectors.


d)      All cars can be inspected or torn down at any time by technical inspectors at owner’s expense.  Cars may be impounded for tech inspection at anytime.


e)  Must have a hook, chain or eyebolt welded to front and rear of the car.  If car does not have these and      must be hooked on track, you may be disqualified for the rest of the night at the discretion of track officials.


f) No mirrors.


Technical inspector decisions are final.


 The belts should not be allowed to run down your back below shoulder height before crossing through the shoulder harness slot of the seat or to permit the belt to run across the bony structure at the perimeter of the shoulder.  The shoulder belt should be routed through the holes provided in the seat and across the cage tube to provide the best control of location of the belt.


 NOTICE: Anything not covered by the preceding rules or safety regulations should be checked with Tech. Inspector before it is done.  Any decision on questionable items about cars is up to the Inspector and his decision is Final!!!


                        If you have any question as to changing or modifying or in building your car, and the rule book does not cover what you are doing, please contact a Sandusky Speedway official before making changes.  Build it right the first time.


 REMEMBER:  Sandusky Speedway and its officials reserve the right to change specifications/procedures and add/or subtract cars to the field at anytime.  Those who sign-in and/or start in an event agree to be governed by these rules and by all decisions of the Speedway and its officials.  Track officials reserve the right to confiscate any part or parts deemed by their officials to be outside the rules, this includes any part of the race car at anytime.




 2015 Purse:  



Heat/pursuit   1-$25, 2-$20, 3-$15, 4-$10, 5-$5

Feature(20Laps)        1-$250, 2-$150, 3-$110, 4-$90, 5-$85, 6-$80, 7-$75, 8-$70, 9-$65, 10-$60, 11-$55, 12-$50, 13-$45, 14 thru 24 -$35.




 Questions/comments call Denny Watson 440-774-5815 or Scott Whitmer 567-208-2651





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